Preserving the Planet – Ensuring Sustainability

The Planet cannot wait.

INA PLASTICS applying its knowledge and expertise on plastics manages to produce its products using exclusively recycled materials keeping the same level of quality. This ensures a real closed material loop for all its products.

When using recycled material things are a lot different than with the use of virgin raw materials.  In our case, every batch must be checked carefully and go through the process of regeneration so that it will regain its mechanical and chemical properties. In any case the quality control system needs to be very strict in order to ensure that our high level of quality is stable.

We at Ina Plastics believe that all this effort is rewarding knowing that

  • we contribute to the protection of the environment
  • ensure sustainability of our planet by using zero natural resources
  • help agriculture become environmentally responsible

INA PLASTICS SA advises all its customers around the world for the benefits of recycling and the process they can follow in their area of operation in order to easily recycle the used trays, pots and other plastic products.

Out of experience, after so many years of work closely to the growers and the agricultural business in general, INA PLASTICS’  offers practical help and solutions on all important operations.