Preserving the Planet – Ensuring Sustainability

The Planet cannot wait!


One of the major problems today, in our fight for sustainability, is the protection of the environment from unrecyclable waste created in many industry sectors. One of them being the seedlings propagation in greenhouses, where for more than 40 years, Expanded Polystyrene trays are used extensively, despite their damaging impact on the environment.

Benefits of Recycling
Plastics made from oil absorbs 4% of the world’s oil consumption for its production.
By recycling 1,000 kg of plastic:
• it will not take 500 years to decompose if left in the environment
• 732 kg of gases generated by the production of plastic and contributing to the greenhouse effect will not be released into the atmosphere.

By participating in the recycling process, we achieve benefits which are extremely important and we ensure that:
• The environment is not polluted
• Energy is saved, as recycled raw material is used
• Raw material is saved and becomes useful again

INA PLASTICS’ Recycling Program & Operations

At INA PLASTICS, we apply our 35 years’ experience, knowledge and expertise, managing to produce exclusively using recycled materials, which are 100% recyclable achieving Zero Environmental consequences and at the same time keeping the same level of quality. This ensures a real closed material loop for all our products.

By using recycled materials, things become a lot different than using virgin. INA PLASTICS manages to control every batch of incoming recycled material carefully and modify to the required mechanical and chemical properties.
The total process control protocols are very strict, keeping high-quality levels stable.

In every area of each market where INA PLASTICS sells its products, designated recycling companies are chosen to collect used products.
Customers are informed about the benefits of recycling and the process they can follow in their area of operation in order to easily recycle our plastic.

After so many years of working closely to the growers and the agricultural business in general, INA PLASTICS’ offers practical help and solutions on all important operations. We believe all this effort is rewarding knowing that:
• we contribute to the protection of the environment
• we ensure sustainability of our planet by using zero natural resources
• we help agriculture become environmentally responsible