Hydroponic Systems

Troughs and Gutters for cultivation – tailor made solutions matching customer’s needs

The company has extensive knowledge and experience on the production of polypropylene cultivation troughs and gutters.

All products have UV protection and special additives that guarantee their longevity in perfect condition.

Cultivation Troughs

Troughs are custom made. Dimensions, thickness, color and roll length are produced according to our customer’s needs.

  • With or without drain holes at the bottom and the sides.

  • A special support kit with 4 plastic side elements and 2 GLV 3mm connecting rods per linear meter holds the side wall on place and overcomes media weight and root pressure.

They can be filled with any kind of hydroponic growing media. Like perlite, pumice, coir, coco peat etc.

Drainage Gutter

Our Gutter family has a U shape wide flat area and short side walls, suitable for collecting the solution that drains out of growing containers, bags, growing troughs, etc.

A unique characteristic of the INA gutter is that it is manufactured with its sides folded in. This way when it is installed it keeps its shape without the need of extra support and never becomes flat open.

The gutter as in the case of the trough is tailor made to the needs of the customer for its dimensions, thickness, color and roll length thus the relation between cost and customer’s needs is optimized.


We produce two types of spacers, the grow bag spacer @ 60X20X6 cm and the trough spacer @ 67X33X5 cm. Both are light weight, economical and yet very strong for the application they were designed for. The grow bag spacer carries standard grow bags. Its design offers ideal aeration and drainage of the plant. Our trough spacers are normally placed between drainage gutter and cultivation trough holding the troughs at the correct height for ideal plant development.

Assembling instructions

Trough accessories